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    Phil Nibert
    US 1099 Report missing Tax Reporting Entity
    Topic posted October 21, 2019 by Phil NibertRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Payables, Reports 
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    US 1099 Report missing Tax Reporting Entity
    US 1099 Report missing Tax Reporting Entity

    We are trying to test the standard 1099 report called "US 1099 Report".

    When we enter the parameters for the report we enter one of our business units and a date range.

    The report is asking for a "Tax Reporting Entity"  File.  When we select the drop down list, no choices are shown which usually indicates we are missing some data access.

    Anyone know where the data access or other access for the "Tax Reporting Entity" field is granted? 

    We have a Custom Tax Manager role that is allowing access to run the process.

    Thanks, Phil


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    • Ujas Bhatt

      you need to define the Legal Entity under "Manage Reporting Entities" task. One you configure there it will start to appear in your dropdown in US 1099 Report input parameter page.

    • Phil Nibert

      Thanks for the information!!!