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    Update 19D New Feature: Displaying More Search Results of...
    Topic posted October 12, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged Create Requisition, Requisition Processing 
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    Update 19D New Feature: Displaying More Search Results of Smart Forms, Information Catalogs and Punchout Catalogs
    Update 19D New Feature: Displaying More Search Results of Smart Forms, Information Catalogs and Punchout Catalogs


    We introduced an enhancement in Update 19D based on a few customers requesting this change when displaying Search Results in the Related Items region.

    Background and Business Problem:

    The Related Items region displays the following details:

    1. Related Suppliers: Represents Punchout Catalogs

    2. Related Requests: Represents Smart Forms

    3. Related Information: Represents Information Catalogs

    Today, it displays a total of 15 items all combined. This has been seen as a limitation among several customers for whom the number of Smart Forms exceeds the total limit just by itself. This is based on prescribed best practices to adopt usage of Smart Forms to reduce the influx of Non Catalog Requests for description based items or services. Quite a few customers had requested that we start displaying more of such content by default in the Shopping Search Results.

    NOTE: The limitation of 15 entries maximum applies only to the 'Card View' layout. But many customers prefer this layout with the main advantage being the display of images to assist shoppers in quickly selecting or viewing the right items for purchase.

    19D Enhancement:

    With this enhancement, we now display up to a maximum of 60 search results (20 for each category). It is also to be stated that if there are not 20 entries in a specific category that slot is then taken up by the other categories where there are more. So typically, this enhancement helps the vast majority of our customers who have a sizable number of Smart Forms and it helps display all those details in Search Results.

    The accompanying screenshot below displays a sample set of search results for your perusal.

    Do let us know your observations and feedback through your comments and ratings.




    • Kranthi Bharadwaj Achanta

      Hi Ashok,

      Can you share the prescribed best practices on the usage of Smart forms that was mentioned in the above post please....




    • Ashok

      Hi Kranthi

      What that phrase referenced is the following:

      As a business practice, rogue spending is to be discouraged in any organization. By rogue spending we typically refer to spending that is not budgeted or accounted for otherwise and something that the organization has not pre-ordained as permissible. In the context of Self Service Procurement, creating non catalog requests tends to promote the idea of rogue spending in more cases than not. So one of the recommended business practices is to 'standardize' such requests by creating smart forms that allows an organization to provide its users with a defined template for any purchases that don't form part of a standard item catalog. Smart Forms are description based goods or services that can be organized by a buying organization as a process to be followed thus curtailing the need for non-catalog, out of the box spending. 

      Having said this to completely get rid of non catalog requests is not the goal here. Sometimes, by the very nature of some businesses, there can exist possibilities. But if the buying organization notices through its analysis of such requests, there still exists the possibility of creating smart forms or agreement based procurement if such requests tend to be recurring or repetitive.

      Does this help?

    • Kranthi Bharadwaj Achanta

      Thanks for the Explanation Ashok.



      Kranthi Bharadwaj.