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    Luiz Mendes
    Supplier Tax Classification Code
    Topic posted February 21, 2018 by Luiz MendesBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Supplier Profile Management 
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    Supplier Tax Classification Code
    Unable to find tax data in the tables


    We are importing a considerable number of Suppliers and on our files we are populating the VAT_CODE column. I can see the POZ_SUPPLIERS does hold this information but it cannot be seen anywhere on Screen.

    So I'm wondering if you guys know what column we should populate on the FBDI files to see the info on the table below, or which table holds the information inserted on the field Tax Classification Code from the screenshot attached.

    Best Regards, Luiz







    • Aishwarya Pawar

      Hi Luiz,

      VAT_CODE you see in the import template is now obsolete which is why it is not visible on the UI. It has been retained in the template to support backward compatibility.

      Importing transaction tax information you see under the Transaction tax is owned by the Fusion Tax team. We can certainly direct you to that team if you 'd like.



    • Luiz Mendes

      Hi Aishwarya, please send it forward! :) Thanks for the clarification.