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    Jim Van Tongerloo
    How to bulk upload Banks Accounts information?
    Topic posted July 4, 2019 by Jim Van TongerlooGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, last edited July 4, 2019, tagged Cash Management, Financials, Setup / Administration 
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    How to bulk upload Banks Accounts information?
    How to bulk upload Banks Accounts information?

    I've found the bulk upload for banks/branches/accounts in task: Create Banks, Branches, and Accounts in Spreadsheet

    But many bank account information is missing:

    - several checkboxes

    - BU usage

    - payment documents

    - all the other tabs

    How do customers load this in bulk?



    • Logan Wacker

      You don't, the base configuration of banks/branches/accounts can be loaded, and then you must manually configure the items related to controls, bu's, recon, payments etc.

    • Sudhakara Rao Kovuru

      Hi Jim, 

      Please check below note, it may help you. 

      What are Ways to Bulk Upload Employee Bank Account Details (Doc ID 2380477.1)



    • Logan Wacker

      You need to use the upload and create bank tasks to achieve this. 

      • Jim Van Tongerloo

        Yes, I think we've established this.

        But many details are missing. Meaning you would have to manually enter every Bank Account record and fill everything out.

        This kind of beats the purpose of having a FBDI loader, no?

    • Logan Wacker

      The answer doesn’t change. Rapid Implementation sheets insert the base required configuration. Most fields that are missing are optional configuration values. Do what everyone else does and use them to build the core configuration and make your manual updates where needed. With a few hundred accounts you can make the updates in an hr or so.