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    Judy Hamner
    Exchange Messages through Oracle Business Network Using a...
    Topic posted November 13, 2019 by Judy HamnerSilver Trophy: 7,500+ Points, tagged Payables 
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    Exchange Messages through Oracle Business Network Using a Web Service
    Invoice import from OBN failing after SOAP configuration is set up

    After following the steps listed in the post "How to Exchange Messages through Oracle Supplier Network Using a Web Service" created on July 29, 2019, I have tested using the Web Service to both send Orders and receive Invoices into CMK. 

    The Orders are successfully send from our Cloud application to OBN Test.  However, the invoice is failing with the following message:

    Error Code: 5025 
    Error Description:  Error occured while invoking receiver SOAP service
    Cause:  The target endpoint may be down or there is some setup issue

    Possible Remedy:  Ensure that the endpoint is up and also verify the setup at the target environment is correct.

    Our TEST instance url is:
    Screen shots of our set up for Test are included:
         Communication Parameters
         Transaction Management

    I have also confirmed that the user has CMK_INVOKE_INBOUND_COLLAB_DOC_SERVICE_PRIV. 

    Any thoughts on why this might not be working?


    19D in TEST



    • Suman Guha

      Moved from Purchasing.

      • Judy Hamner


        Just as a side note, I originally put this in Purchasing because that is where the documentation for setting up the web service is located (the documentation includes the outbound and inbound set up for CMK/OBN).  

        Please let me know if there is anything you can see that is causing this error.  It seems to be a pretty self explanatory error, but it doesn't fit with the configuration provided. 


        • Suman Guha


          I recommend that you log a SR with support for your issue. Depending on the analysis, either the Payables or the CMK development team may need to get involved.