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    How to hide individual Supplier Descriptive Flexfields...
    Topic posted July 25, 2018 by Aishwarya PawarGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged Customization, How-To, Supplier Profile Management, Supplier Registration, Tip 
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    How to hide individual Supplier Descriptive Flexfields (DFFs)
    A step by step guide to hide individual Supplier Descriptive Flexfields on Supplier Registration pages, while keeping them visible on the Edit Supplier page.

    Supplier Descriptive Flexfields (DFFs) are shared between the Edit Supplier page (accessed from Suppliers workarea), Company Profile page (accessed from Supplier Portal) and Supplier Registration pages.

    Supplier DFFs can be configured via Manage Supplier Descriptive Flexfields or the Manage Supplier Registration Descriptive Flexfields setup task. Both these tasks point to same DFF entity and the DFFs are shared between these flows.

    This topic explains how these common DFFs can be made visible in one flow (say Edit Supplier) and kept hidden in another flow (say External Supplier Registration).

    NOTE: DFFs once configured and deployed are displayed in the Additional Information section. Additional Information section is visible by default on the Edit Supplier page, but needs to be made visible via customization when profile is accessed from Supplier Portal and on the Supplier Registration pages.


    In the example below we will use customization to hide one DFF on the Supplier Registration UI, but still keep it visible on all the other pages that share this DFF. The details below are also available in the attached PDF document.

    Let 's assume the Procurement Application Administrator has configured 2 DFFs: Insurance Provider and Policy Number. The steps below illustrate how one of these DFFs (Insurance Provider to be specific) can be hidden selectively on the External Supplier Registration page.

    1. Invoke the External Supplier Registration URL, activate a sandbox and access the Customize Supplier Registration pages menu option available under the user menu. Refer to the topic: How to customize External Supplier Registration Pages for exact steps.
    2. Provide values for the mandatory fields: Company, Tax Organization Type, D-U-N-S Number, Contact Information.
    3. Assuming the Additional Information section (which contains the DFFs) is already visible, navigate to the 'Structure' tab and expand the section that shows the hierarchical structure:
    4. Highlight the Additional Information section. This action will bring the focus to the corresponding node in the section showing the structure.
    5. Select the descriptiveFlexfield node as shown in screenshot below:
    6. Select the Edit action. This would open the Component Properties: descriptiveFlexfield popup. Navigate to the tab: Flexfield Global Context Segments tab. Select the DFF you want to hide on the Supplier Registration page in the Segment Code. Set the value to false in the Rendered dropdown menu.
    7. Publish the sandbox.
    8. Notice that the DFF is now hidden on the Supplier Registration page. NOTE: This change will be reflected on both the External Supplier Registration pages: Prospective Supplier Registration, Spend Authorized Supplier Registration but not on the Internal Supplier Registration pages (accessed via the Suppliers, Negotiations, Requisitions workareas).
    9. The DFF is still visible on the Edit Supplier page.