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    Manjula Evans
    Touchless Self-Service Procurement without Pre-Negotiated...
    Topic posted September 17, 2016 by Manjula EvansBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Orders, Requisition Processing, Setup 
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    Touchless Self-Service Procurement without Pre-Negotiated Agreements
    Simplify how you configure automated order creation from requisitions by eliminating the need for pre-negotiated agreements.

    You can configure your procurement business units to automatically create purchase orders from requester-negotiated requisition lines without having to set up blanket or contract purchase agreements.

    For more details, refer to the Release Updates in Customer Connect to access all of the Release 11 collateral available for Fusion Procurement.



    • Dave McKenna


      Could you clarify what "requester-negotiated requisition lines" does this mean they need to have had a RFQ for the requisition line?  Or should it be any line on a requisiton in essence taking the buying team out of the loop.


      Reason I ask is I have set this this as per the release readiness document but am unsure if this should work for all requisition lines, we use non catalog requests exclusively and nothing is being created.

      • Manjula Evans

        Hi Dave,

        The requisition lines need to have the 'Negotiated' flag checked for the automation to take place. This is separate from the 'Negotiation Required' flag used in the sourcing flows.

        Hope this helps,

        • Dave McKenna

          It did, is worth noting and maybe needs adding to the documentation that this is a hidden field on the Non Catalog request screen so you have to customize the form for the users to access it.