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    Jason McCabe
    Enterprise Contract Invoice Approval Setup
    Topic posted May 9, 2019 by Jason McCabeGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Project Contracts, Project Management 
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    Enterprise Contract Invoice Approval Setup
    Routing Invoices to Contract Supplier Contacts

    Requirement: We are looking to route an Enterprise Contract Invoices to Supplier Party Contacts listed on the Contract for approval

    MOS is telling us that there is no workflow and approvers need to have a role provisioned and it acts like an approval pool 

    Does anyone know of  a way to route these to specific people? 

    Thank you




    • Sai Pavan Gadagandla

      When you say supplier contact, are you referring to contract administrator? If yes, the seeded functionality sends email and workflow notifications to contract administrators which allows them to approve/reject invoices. If the user submitting the invoice should not have access to approve action, you can create a custom role by copying the Project Billing Specialist and remove the approve action from the custom role. This way, the user submitting the invoice will not have approve action and the administrator can approve from notifications.

    • Jason McCabe


      Thank you for the insight, yes contract administrator "Area" is the roles i'm asking about. We actually have created two other roles specific to our organization and are using those to route the Contract itself to for approval. We'd like to have the invoice we generate monthly/quarterly etc. also go to these individuals. Is there any ability to have our "other" Roles be a part of the workflow? 

      It sounds like the Contract Administrator will have the invoice routed to them for approval which makes sense and agrees with what we are seeing in test

      Thank you Jason

      • Anunay Sinha

        Hi Jason,

        The "contract parties" are not part of the payload for contract invoice approval workflow. However, project parties are part of the payload. So, you can leverage that by adding the individuals to the associated projects of the contract with specific project roles (you can use predefined or tailored roles based on your requirement). You will then be able to route contract invoice notifications to these individuals by configuring rules based on project role.