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    Update 19B: Allow Approver to reject requisition during...
    Topic posted June 20, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged Approvals, Budget/Encumbrance, Requisition Processing 
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    Update 19B: Allow Approver to reject requisition during Approver Checkout
    How can the approver reject a requisition during the approver checkout process

    Customers / Support

    This article aims to provide you a comprehensive understanding of the following capability:

    Ability for an approver to reject a requisition that is budgetary controlled during the approver checkout process

    Business Problem:

    Before this feature was introduced, imagine the following scenario:

    When an approver tries to submit a requisition after updating it during the approval process and the requisition is enabled for Budgetary Control, the system will run a funds check process. If the funds check fails and the approver does not have the capability to request a funds override, the approver would have no way out of the flow. Essentially, the requisition would be stuck with the approver who in addition cannot create requisitions for themselves.

    Feature Highlights:

    1. With this feature, in the scenario the approver has the Funds Override privilege, the approver can reject the requisition and send it back to its preparer

    2. In the scenario the approver does have the Funds Override privilege, the approver can override and submit the requisition or edit it until the funds failure is resolved or alternatively, still choose to reject the requisition

    3. How this is accomplished:

    a) Insufficient Funds Scenario: In the event of a funds check failure, depending on whether or not the override privilege is available, a warning or an error popup is displayed to the approver to allow the approver to take the requisite action

    b) Any other BCEA Error Scenarios: In the event of any other BCEA related errors (such as Budget Period Closed error or any other), an error popup is displayed for the approver to take the requisite action.

    4. The approver can provide a reason for approval or rejection and this will be incorporated in the document history for future retrieval as well as appear in the notification

    5. This action then allows the approver to create new requisitions for themselves

    6. Prerequisite: The feature 'Allow Approvers to Update Budgetary-Controlled Requisitions' has to be opted in

    Do let us know your experiences with using this feature and any feedback you may have on this article. Feel free to rate the article based on its utility as well.