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    Rommel Ben Vasquez
    Requisition for IMT could not be submitted due to Error:...
    Topic posted June 27, 2018 by Rommel Ben VasquezBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged How-To, Internal Material Transfer 
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    Requisition for IMT could not be submitted due to Error: Charge Account is required.
    We are submitting a requisition for Internal Material Transfer but an error appeared: Charge Account is required. Specify a value for the field. (POR-2010313)."

    We are processing an internal material transfer using the Requisition Line . Our item is defined based on the requirements to be a transfer order enabled and internal transfer eligible. Setup configuration to allow transfer orders are in place  for Manufacturing and Supply Chain Materials Management such as Interorganization Parameters.

    The item is already added to a requisition which is about to be submitted. However, an error was encountered: Charge Account is required. Specify a value for the field. (POR-2010313).

    There is limited resources and references available which is directly pertaining to the issue and error we have encountered. Has anyone have encountered this before? Any thoughts on what we need to look at and put in place. Thanks.



    • Ashok


      Have you reviewed the TAB Whitepaper? That should help with details on how to set up TAB for these scenarios. If you have and that did not help, let me know.

      • Rommel Ben Vasquez


        I have the TAB Whitepaper (As of Aug 2017) and gone over the the mappings sets which we put in place. We wish to be directed to the specifics on the error we encountered so we can progress the Internal Material Transfer we are working on. Thanks.

    • Rommel Ben Vasquez

      Transaction Account Definition is custom. The Account Combination Rule on Charge account is seeded Purchasing Charge Account.

    • Rommel Ben Vasquez

      Just an update.

      We are able to process Internal Material Transfers. The issue is caused by not able to retrieve a charge account. We made a custom account rules and attached it to the Charge Account.