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    Shankar Viswanathan
    Application Overview
    Topic posted May 30, 2019 by Shankar ViswanathanBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Financial Planning, PBCS 
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    Application Overview
    Revisions to Application Overview page

    We are looking to revamp the Application Overview page in the Planning, Close and Tax Cloud applications within EPM Cloud. The objective is to make this page more interactive, relevant and meaningful to application administrators.

    We are looking for ideas on what kind of information you as an admin would like to see on this Overview page? All thoughts and ideas are welcome.

    We will redesign this page in the next few months using our internal input and based on the best ideas and feedback from customers/consultants - make sure you rate ideas you like.




    • Luis Autrique

      Adding a user section and a database section with key data would be very useful for admins, for example:


      Registered Users: XX

      Active Users (last 24 hours): YY

      Total Licenses: ZZ



      Size (or number of page files)

      Fragmentation: %

      Last refreshed on: MM/DD/YYYY Time

    • Aracelis Rodriguez

      How about bringing in the Application Monitoring which is currently available from the Navigator under Application Diagnostics?

    • Cassandra Marcus

      Love the ideas above.

      A couple ideas:

      • Add a Jobs "square" that highlights: scheduled jobs, and jobs that completed with errors or failed. The redirect could be the Jobs card filtered by status. 
      • Tag the Version that the application is currently running and the Date the patch/update was applied by Oracle.
      • Would be neat if it could display an overview (see what I did there?) of "What's New in this Release"   
        • Or a simple hyperlink to the related "Readiness" documentation
      • Make the information "squares" on the page interactive IE adding linked menus (a few examples below:) 
        •  xx.Cubes: Import/Export Data, Clear Cube, and "Inspect" that opens an informational card with details on about Last Modified Date, Current Size, Total Artifacts, Substitution Variables, etc. 
        • xx Rules: "Inspect/Edit" opens Calc Manager, "Run" opens the Rules Area,etc
        • xx.Users: "Inspect" includes Total Users/Licenses, Total Users Connected, etc., "Manage Users" opens the Access Control Area, "Export" could open the Application Diagnostics Report (or maybe the Provisioning Report?)
          • Maybe an option to "Import" group security assignments? 
      •  Bring Migration/Integration work areas/Cards to the Overview page (or Cluster)
      • A really, really "Nice to Have" would be a high level Report Card that scores: "Size", "Performance", "Usage/Traffic", Rules/Jobs that Failed/Completed with errors or took longer than expected, etc.  
    • Peter Nitschke

      I really love all the ideas above. Particularly being able to see the users and licensing information for that specific pod and getting direct links to the version, release dates and release notes! 

      In the Tabs across the top, would be great to show the activity report as the dashboard, rather than having a second click to open it inside a frame. I think the cubes tab is... a bit redundant? 

      Having a high level view of Data Imports, jobs\rules recently run (particularly if you can quickly filter on errors) would be great.