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    Tuan-Anh M. Nguyen
    Historical Actuals GL data in Financials and Workforce...
    Topic posted August 30, 2018 by Tuan-Anh M. NguyenRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited August 30, 2018, tagged Financial Planning, Integration, PBCS, Planning, Workforce 
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    Historical Actuals GL data in Financials and Workforce implementation

    Hello all,

    I am reaching out to the community to get an idea of what the best practices and/or real world experience people have had with historical actual GL data.


    • Out of the Box Financials is deployed with BYOCA.
    • Out of the Box Workforce is deployed and is utilizing full OOTB functionality with a few workarounds to meet our business needs.
    • Financials will have historical actuals GL data mapped from an on-premise application.
    • Headcount data into WFP will be sourced by the on-premise PeopleSoft HR system.

    The question is does WFP need the historical data? What considerations should be examine?

    Appreciate everyone's responses. Thank you.




    • Mark Rinaldi

      As a general rule, loading Actuals to Workforce is not typically done because that level of detail (i.e. Employee or Job) isn't in the GL.  If  you load actuals from Payroll, you miss any Journal Entries done in the GL so the actuals don't tie.

      If you don't need the actuals to tie between Workforce and Financials, then you can load to Workforce.  If forecasting Workforce for less than a full year, loading actuals in the forecast scenario is necessary for any YTD thresholds to work appropriately.

      There is no technical reason not to load actuals but it is based on customer requirements.

    • Tino Tarantino

      As a general run,  avoid loading a large amount of historical GL data into FS plan if it's only needed for reporting and analysis.   Limit historical data to the historical periods you need to support your trend / driver assumptions for forecasting and planning.    If you have reporting and analytic requirements that reference historical periods beyond say 3 year,  load this historical data to your ASO reporting cube. 

      Workforce doesn't require  historical data of any kind, although historical data will build up in Workforce over a period of time (which is a separate archiving issue).    Workforce assumes you will take periodic snapshot of Actual job/position/employee from data from your HR and Payroll system.   This "CURRENT YEAR / CURRENT PERIOD" snapshot is the bases for projecting your Forecast and Planning periods based on future period assumptions.   As Mark point's out YTD Actuals (we're talking Actuals from your Payroll system not GL Actuals) are required to support YTD threshold assumptions on any calculated earnings, benefits, or taxes.  This is the reason why load templates  for Actuals are provided OOTB for Workforce.  Also as Mark point's out,  "Payroll Actuals" loaded to  Workforce are NEVER interfaced back into the FS cube.  Your should only be integrating Forecast and Planning periods to FS from WFP.