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    Barry Stamp
    Oracle BI Publisher - Report on Report Job History
    Topic posted January 16, 2018 by Barry StampBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged BI Publisher, Fusion, Report Delivery, Report Output, Reports, Scheduling or Agents, SQL 
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    Oracle BI Publisher - Report on Report Job History
    Find a way to acquire all Report Job History listed and extract all data to Excel


    I used to be an Apps DBA\Technical application Support on R12 EBS back in the day and I wanted to know if we can extract all jobs running within Report Job History within BI Publisher?

    If there is no obvious download 'all jobs and extract all'  button or does anyone know the SQL system tables which can help to retrieve all jobs history and their information such as when they were started, when they were run last, who owns the report.

    This would be similar to acquiring jobs within concurrent manager.

    Thank you all.





    • Arun Raj

      Check fusion.ess_request_history table. If the table is what you are looking for then create a BI Publisher report and you can export the output to Excel / PDF / Word etc.