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    Abhishek Kumar
    Automating File transfer to EPM cloud from FTP location...
    Topic posted May 30, 2018 by Abhishek KumarGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, last edited May 30, 2018 
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    Automating File transfer to EPM cloud from FTP location using Integration Cloud
    A sample integration flow to demonstrate how easily you can transfer a file from any FTP/SFTP location to EPM cloud using Integration Cloud.

    This document describes step by step instructions on how to transfer a file from any FTP/SFTP location to Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) cloud using Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC). This flow is a scheduled orchestration. It make use of standard FTP and REST adapter in Oracle Integration cloud.

    The file is read from FTP location and then transferred to EPM cloud via REST adapter connection. 

    This sample integration flow works on EPM Cloud release 18.03 or later and OIC 18.1.5 or later.  In the package, there is an implementation guide which has the step-by-step instructions; there is an OIC archive file, you import the archive to your OIC environment, make necessary configurations, the integration will work.

    This sample integration is not part of the standard Oracle product, Oracle will not maintain it for the future changes or the particular requirements. If you need to update the integration, please refer to OIC documentation.




    • Alain Stephane Lord, CPA

      EPM Automate can already do this no?

    • Arun Raj

      Interesting article.

      Can we invoke import processes or any business rules after uploading the file?


    • Arun Raj

      We tried this and we are getting error uploading the file.

      Here is the error that we see in ICS. I am attaching the screenshot as well and complete error details. 

      An error occurred even before the REST endpoint could be invoked


    • Mohana Gopal Selvam

      Thanks for sharing the info

    • Marcos Botelho

      Hello guys.

       The process runs successfully, but the file is not transferred. I have an attached DOC detailing the behavior and a log that complains about an "Invalid Directory".



      LOG 1

      <execute xmlns:ns2="" xmlns:ns1="" xmlns:nstrgdfl="" xmlns:nsmpr6="" xmlns:wsdl="" xmlns:nsmpr3="" xmlns:xml="" xmlns:nsmpr4="" xmlns:nsmpr5="" xmlns:nsmpr0="" xmlns:nstrgmpr="" xmlns=""> <nstrgmpr:QueryParameters> <nsmpr3:q>{isLast:true,isFirst:true,chunkSize:4623055,extDirPath:"/inbox" }</nsmpr3:q> </nstrgmpr:QueryParameters> <nstrgmpr:TemplateParameters> <nsmpr3:file_name>teste_pbcs_ftp.csv</nsmpr3:file_name> </nstrgmpr:TemplateParameters> <nsmpr4:streamReference>file:/tmp/teste_pbcs_ftp.csv@_@WSbxnzuJH+8PcvUXGmDVA32ETaAp7XhDA9gl6JRJgqhFXM4ZAAulU5vfK7JV0tpO</nsmpr4:streamReference></execute>

      LOG 2

      epm_rest_upload - Tue Nov 12 18:50:16 UTC 2019 - Request: 'Call External REST API: Post /interop/rest/{.}/contents/' completed successfully in 3894 ms - RAW: /interop/rest/{.}/contents/ - epm_rest_upload.



      Logger - Tue Nov 12 18:50:16 UTC 2019 -

      LOG1: {isLast:true,isFirst:true,chunkSize:4623055,extDirPath:"/inbox" }teste_pbcs_ftp.csvfile:/tmp/teste_pbcs_ftp.csv@_@WSbxnzuJH+8PcvUXGmDVA32ETaAp7XhDA9gl6JRJgqhFXM4ZAAulU5vfK7JV0tpO

      LOG2: POSTself,isFirst:true,chunkSize:4623055,extDirPath:%22/inbox%22+%7D1Not a valid directory path. - LOG

    • Abhishek Kumar

      If you want to upload the file for data management use

      assign_epm_file_folder ="inbox" otherwise keep it empty.

      Refer rest api documentation for folder specification