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    Tip: Currency display of Agreement based items on the...
    Topic posted March 31, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged Create Requisition, Requisition Processing, Tip 
    Tip: Currency display of Agreement based items on the Shopping Page
    How does the system display currency for agreement based items on the Shopping Page

    Customers and Support,

    Recently, there was a customer that reported the following issue:

    Difference in a BPA backed item returned in shopping search results - In one instance, the item was shown in the Functional Currency and the other instance it was shown in the BPA currency.


    What is the expected behavior:

    1. The system should display the search results for the item in the Functional Currency of the Requisitioning BU set in the Requisition Preferences for the user

    2. On clicking the item details, the system should display both the functional currency and the agreement currency price 

    What is being displayed:

    1. The system displays the search results in the agreement currency only

    Why does this not display as designed:

    1. The first point to triage is whether a conversion rate exists between the two currencies.

    2. As a clue, first navigate to the product details (clicking the item image will take there). If you don't see the two currencies, then that is the first thing you should check

    3. Provide a currency conversion rate and search for the item again and check the item details. The currencies should be displayed and the price.

    Seen below is a screenshot of a scenario where a currency conversion does not exist between the two currencies I have selected Jamaican Dollar (JMD) on the BPA and USD as the functional currency

    I thought I would share this scenario with you to help if you encounter a similar issue and for you to better appreciate what to expect when the agreement currency is different than the functional currency.