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    Manage Internal Supplier Profile Change Approvals
    Topic posted May 3, 2019 by BINDU BODANAPU, tagged Approvals/Notifications, Supplier Profile Management 
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    Manage Internal Supplier Profile Change Approvals
    All the changes/ updates of existing supplier bank accounts and new suppliers bank account set up's are routing for approval.

    We have enabled the  Internal  Supplier Profile Change Approvals functionality

    We have noticed that, any changes/updates to the bank accounts for existing suppliers are routing for approval  as expected. However, the  new supplier bank account set up's  are routing for approval too.

    This is causing an issue as there are many new supplier bank accounts are set up on daily basis which are routing for approval and it's not feasible for the approvals to approve these many number of changes of daily basis. The business  would  only require  the changes/updates to the bank details of the existing suppliers  in the system to go for approval.

    Does the system identify between new supplier set up's and the existing supplier ?

    Are there any conditions that we can add to stop the new supplier bank details routing for approval?


    Please kindly advise.

    Thank you





    • Hong Gao

      If the new suppliers are brought in through the on-boarding process/registration, a separate approval routing can be configured for registration request approval to review the supplier information including bank accounts.  After suppliers are created in the supplier master, they are all existing suppliers.  Is there any attribute on the supplier profile that you can use to help distinguish between the two groups of suppliers?