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    Athena Chou
    Request a sample script to import data into ERP CLOUD from...
    Topic posted August 14, 2018 by Athena Chou, tagged Cloud, On-Premise 
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    Request a sample script to import data into ERP CLOUD from On-Premise EBS
    Request a sample script to import data into ERP CLOUD from On-Premise EBS


    Could you provide a very simple script or store procedure to show how to call webservice to import data into ERP Cloud from EBS?

    For example, user maintain supplier master data in EBS, and we would like to sync this data to ERP Cloud.

    Another question, is there any extra configration for EBS if we use store procedure to call WebService?

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    • Sergio Vales Muleiro


      I'm afraid that the answer is not that simple.

      If you want to setup a sync procedure between ERP Cloud and eBS, I would suggest the following:

      1. Create a concurrent program in eBS with a stored procedure executable.
      2. From the stored procedure:
        1. Create the FBDI file for the supplier master data import in csv format, and zip it: This is the proper approach to my knowledge for bulk imports.
        2. Create the XML request for the operation loadAndImportData, contained in the ERP Integration Service SOAP web service:
        3. Invoke the aforementioned web service using apex_web_service.make_request  PL/SQL function.
        4. Parse the response and control the execution accordingly.
      3. Configure ACLs properly on eBS's database to grant access to Oracle ERP Cloud web services.
      4. If you have Oracle APEX installed, configure wallet with the SSL certificates of your cloud instance. If not, either way create the wallet, but pass it as a parameter in the apex_web_service.make_request function.
      5. Submit a request and schedule it periodically.

      These, of course are coarse highlights of what to my understanding, should be done. Obviously, you should be creating/updating by comparison between both systems, so you should implement an OBIEE report with the suppliers contained in Oracle ERP Cloud, so that you may be able to download it, parse it and only send the suppliers that should be created/updated.

      Hope it helps,