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    Marko Knezevic
    Knockout score for questions
    Topic posted April 11, 2019 by Marko KnezevicBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged How-To, Qualification, Qualification Area, Qualification Question, Qualification Rule Set, Questionnaire, Questionnaire Response 
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    Knockout score for questions
    Can knockout score be used to prevent sending questionnaire to internal responder?


    Can adding a question with automatic response (mapped to DFF) and automatic scoring be used to prevent the sending of questionnaire to internal responder?

    I would like to setup my Qualification area like this:

    Scoring and automation

    • Automatically populate responses
    • Automatically accept responses
    • Enable scoring
    • Automatically evaluate qualification

    Automatic Requalification

    • On qualification expiration
    • On new response

    1. question = response type: automatic; scoring automatic; mapped to DFF; score for no response 8
    2. question = response type: internal; scoring automatic;

    If DFF mapped to 1. question has no value (No response), can I prevent the questionnaire to be sent to my internal responder and automatically disqualify the supplier and set the outcome to knockout outcome?

    This would help us to make automatic qualifications created after Supplier registration and automatically requalify only Suppliers who have a certain value in the DFF (annual transaction ammount) mapped to the automatic responded question. The Supplier who did not have sufficient transaction ammount in the past period would not then be considered for requalification.

    I have tried to test this case with the setup above, but always had the questionnaire sent to my internal responder, regardless of the knockout setup on 1. question and knockout outcome setup on qualification area.

    Thank you,





    • Marko Knezevic

      I had an idea to use question branching (if answer to Q1 is acceptable then show Q2) but can't use question with response type internal as branch of a question with response type automatic. sad

    • Faustina Setyadi

      That's correct, you cannot mix internal and supplier questions as branching questions.

      In the qualification flow the questionnaires (supplier and internal) are sent as part of the initiative launch, while scoring (and consideration for knockout) only happens during evaluation time, after all of the responses are received and accepted. So you cannot use knockout score to prevent sending questionnaire to internal responder.

      If this is a requalification due to new responses no initiative will be created (no questionnaires sent) if all of the required responses are already available. Questionnaires will be sent only if there are missing required responses. For requalification on expiration the questionnaires will always be sent.


      • Marko Knezevic

        Thank you for your answer, I realized that using branching can't be the solution for my problem but it would be a good solution if it could be used smiley

        I wanted a solution where automatic question can prevent the questionnaire to be sent.

        It seems that this can not be done in any way for the first qualification, only for requalifications we can use the knockout score to determine the outcome without sending the questionnaire to internal responder.