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    Jean-Pierre Dijcks
    Start planning your C5 -> C6 updates
    Topic posted September 6, 2018 by Jean-Pierre DijcksSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Big Data Appliance, Data Management, Hadoop, Spark 
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    Start planning your C5 -> C6 updates
    A short roadmap update on CDH 6.0.1 on Oracle Big Data

    As most of you will have seen, Cloudera recently released Cloudera 6. The following blog post describes our planned uptake of C6, and what to expect from that step.

    Start planning your C6 upgrades.

    As always, comments and questions welcome, and we hope this information is useful for all in understanding upgrades, and possibilities as well as timing.

    CDH 6.0.1



    • Marek Winiarski

      Hi Jean-Pierre

      My customer is planning an upgrade of their BDA to Cloudera 6

      The following is a question they are trying to get answer 

      How do they test the upgrade for their custom applications/ code already running on existing BDA version

      Is there a way for them to test their code before upgrade as they only have one BDA system and wanted to make sure all code they have will run with no issues



      Marek Winiarski