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    Ben K
    How to block a customer from LIVE chat
    Topic posted September 27, 2013 by Ben KRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Chat 
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    How to block a customer from LIVE chat

    Hi, just wondering if there is a process for blocking an individual from using LIVE chat?

    We have there IP address and email but i imagine there are issues restricting them by these. An IP could take out more than just the individual and the email address could be made up anyway.

    Anyone had to do this before? How did you go about it?



    • ihays

      Hi Ben,

      This is really simple to do.  There are a few ways you can approach this, but the main question is how are you wanting to block them from your site?  Are you just wanting to block them from chat and nothing else?  I am going to assume this is the case and all you just need to set up a chat rule to block the particular email address.  In the chat rules that I have set up, this is our very first rule and it is called "Drop Unwanted Customers".

      Here is what our rule says:


           Contact.Email equals {Enter Email Address}


           Terminate Chat Request

           Stop Processing Rules


      Because our site is set up where we do not force our customers to log in, we also had some customers using the same Username but the domain or ISP part of he email address was changing.  So for example and .  If this case, then in the IF statement, you will want to say the following:

           Contact.Email contains JohnDoe

      You just have to be careful with this and make sure the username is pretty specific

      If you do force your customers to log in first, then you should be able to use to the following to block them as well in the IF statement:

           Contact.Login equals {Enter Email Address}


      In regards to blocking them from just chat with the IP address, this is not possible to do through rules.  You can block them from the entire site with the IP address, but I am not sure if you want to do this or not.  If you do you can do this by going to Commom Configuration --> Settings --> Common --> SEC_INVALID_ENDUSER_HOSTS , then you can list the IP Address that you want to block from your support site.

      Hope this helps,