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    Brian Hall
    Add value field (filter value) to TEXT control?
    Topic posted August 7, 2019 by Brian HallSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, last edited September 11, 2019, tagged Analysis 
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    Add value field (filter value) to TEXT control?
    Add value field (filter value) to TEXT control?

    We have titles in TEXT BOX at the top of many of our canvases.  We would like the title to say something like “Voucher Count for Year <”2019”>” as an example.  If the filter value changes then the text in the TEXT Box would change. 

    Oracle Analytics Cloud Data Sync (2.5)



    • Philippe Lions

      Hi Brian,

      There currently is a feature do render this in Answers (Narrative view) but not in DV canvases (yet). Two potential workarounds that may help :

      1. in DV, use an expression filter instead of a classic filter, and just enter the text there. See the picture below. Since you are using a date object in your case, it may require that you create a text object for this just to make it readable in the filter
      2. or expose your canvas in an OAC Dashboard (Answers), Once in a dashboard, you can access various objects such as narratives but also prompts that will let you expose this information directly.
      3. another option may be to build a simple viz plugin for this, which may be quite simple to design but still requires a bit of design.

      Hope this may help in your specific case, but not sure



    • Brian Hall

      Not sure how to get filter onto canvas , see image