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    mohammad alomari
    how to upload PO's in earlier date to the system
    Topic posted October 2, 2019 by mohammad alomari 
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    how to upload PO's in earlier date to the system
    i want to upload 50 PO's having the date 2018 from the legacy sytsem to the new system having the same date

    we are implementing Oracle cloud , and we have around 50 open PO's in 2018 that we want to upload through a batch file or data loader, the implementer says 

    they cannot upload them to be in 2018 , they should take the date of 2019 as same the creation date !!

    but we dont want them to have 2018 date because these are 2018 PO's , we want them 2018 

    same exactly wen you want to hire an employee in earlier date , lets say we are in October 2019 and we want to hire him in September 2019 so we go in the date for earlier date and hire them , so why cant ii do the same with PO's 

    anyone knows?

    Thanks all




    • Brian Burns

      HI Mohammad,

      Do you know what the 1st year is in the new system. I'm assuming the first year it's going to be used is 2019 but did the implementer create a calendar with 2018 or 2017 being the 1st year. Also, do you have any budgetary control or encumbrance accounting enabled?