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    Uvaraja Sadhana
    Learn ICS
    Topic posted May 28, 2018 by Uvaraja SadhanaRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited May 29, 2018 
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    Learn ICS
    Learn ICS

    Hi All,

    I am coming from background of SOA-CS. I am getting news that going forward Oracle is going to sell OIC (ICS). Is there a way where i can learn ICS and develop ICS components and play around with that.

    Something similarly we do in SOA, we install SOA suite locally and develop using J developer and deploy composites in local SOA  and test them?

    Please help me to learn ICS.





    • Hemanth Lakkaraju

      There is no local installation concept for ICS/OIC because it is on cloud. You may want to get a trial version and play with.

      Refer to this thread​ for start-up help and links.

    • Uvaraja Sadhana

      Thanks Hemanth.

      The hope the thread you shared me will help.  I will start with that.



    • Ravi Sankaran

      Hello Uva,

      Welcome to the next-generation of Integrating.

      I am glad you want to explore Oracle Integration Platform on the cloud

      Oracle Autonomous Integration Cloud enables you  to connect your cloud and on-premises applications, automate business processes, and build web and mobile applications—all in one place.

      Please read this page - it will provide you an overview of Oracle Autonomous Integration Cloud as well as on how you can subscribe to a trial version to get your feet wet


    • Uvaraja Sadhana

      Thanks Ravi:)

      Sure, I will refer that Doc.

      I am not able to subscribe for free trial version. Page is not working properly.

      I have also emailed the Oracle Support Team.



    • Ravi Sankaran

      can you provide more information on what errors you are encountering while subscribing to a free trial?


    • Ankur Jain

      Hi Uvaraja,

      If you are keen to learn OIC similar to ICS, there is good stuff on ICS, you can go through and follow for regular udpates