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    Mostafa Gado
    How to use DevCS Releases?
    Topic posted January 4, 2019 by Mostafa Gado, last edited January 4, 2019, tagged Agile, Deployment, Git, Release 
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    How to use DevCS Releases?


    I am new to the whole agile/DevOps method of development, So i am trying to learn it one step at a time.

    What i have now is project with a git repository for a Java SE application that is connected with netbeans.

    The task on hand now is to add a feature to enable the user to update the application by clicking a button in the application, right now i am doing it manually.

    I found a youtube tutorial explaining the whole process but the tutor is not using DevCS, he is using GitHub. What he is basically doing is connecting to his git repository and download the latest "Release" .

    The thing is i am stuck at step one, i don't know any thing about releases or how to set it up in DevCS, I've been searching for days for any useful tutorial on Oracle's publication but couldn't find anything except this:

    But i didn't get anything out of it.

    So would you please help me by explaining how Releases work and how to set it up?

    A link to that tutorial:

    Thank you