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    Barry Greenhut
    Get training for Risk Management
    Topic posted September 28, 2018 by Barry GreenhutSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, last edited March 6, 2019, tagged Advanced Controls, Compliance, ERP, Financial Reporting Compliance, Financial Transactions, Financials, Fraud, Governance, GRC, Public Sector, Risk Management, Sarbanes Oxley, Security, Separation of Duties, SOX, Waste 
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    Get training for Risk Management

    TOP CHOICE: Oracle University provides five days of intensive hands-on training - this is the best way to bootstrap your knowledge, and is recommended for all Risk Management users and implementers.

    If you'd like to study beforehand, we suggest these resources:




    • Venkatesh Chella


      When I went and searched for this training, nothing seems to be scheduled or available for users. Is there any updates on when the training will be available ? Since Risk Management is out for more than two quarters, it would be great with the training also catches up, so that users can benefit with this product. Please let us know.

      With Regards

      Venkatesh Chella

      • Barry Greenhut

        Thank you for asking, Venkatesh! The course *is* available, but at the moment requires a reservation - please click the "Request Training" button to make one. Oracle University is working on making the course available on-demand 24/7, and every reservation request will accelerate that process. And in the meantime, please feel welcome to take the Mini-trainings (above).