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    Kim Puls
    Project Org change
    Topic posted June 3, 2019 by Kim PulsSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Grants Management, Project Contracts, Project Costing, Project Management 
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    Project Org change
    We have a converted project that came over with a now obsolete org...

    Can I amend the contract/award/project to the correct org name? If yes, will that go retro-active or will I still have an issue with these 5 expense reports that are failing to account?


    University of Wyoming




    • Paul Fernandez


      Normally, when you change the org, it is effective only from when you make the change meaning it is not retro-active. If you want to have older transactions to have the new org to be taken into consideration for accounting etc, you have to mark them to recalculate and then re-process them.
      I would suggest you try it in a test instance first and verify it is working as expected.
      Hopefully, that answers your question.


    • Lizelle Moodie

      Hi Kim,

      Paul is correct, you will need to recalculate if you want to process retro-actively but if the transactions failed in the first place that may not be necessary.

      Just one important point - you will need to maintain the organisation at task level as well. When the project was created the project org was also copied by default to all the tasks. Make sure to update your tasks to the new organisation as well. You may not be referring to task level information for accounting purposes but if you should do in future it is good practice to maintain task orgs to be in sync with project org. and it is useful to know that if you change the project organisation. that the tasks organisations are not also automatically updated.

      Kind regards


    • Kim Puls