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    Kim Puls
    project templates and SLA configs
    Topic posted February 28, 2019 by Kim PulsSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Grants Management, Project Costing, Project Management, Project Performance Reporting, Project Resource Management 
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    project templates and SLA configs

    At UW we've had one template and SLA rules for our cost share projects. We are making changes and need to add additional project templates with different SLA mapping. I created the new template, mapped the new (additional) SLA rules in both PPM and AP...then ran the Activate Subledger Accounting Rules.

    Issue...I create an Award and 2 projects (one project is sponsor funds and the other using the new cost share template)...all good so far. Then when I process an expense, against the cost share account...the charge is being applied to our Unrestricted Operating funding rather than the Designated Operating Cost Share account.

    I would assume we can have more than one template with DIFFERENT SLA...or am I wrong?


    Thanks - Kim

    University of Wyoming



    • Alexandru Eremia - Oracle

      H iKim

      1. Can you explain how did you do the SLA mapping. on additional project templates?

      2. From which module/apps does it comes your cost transactions?

      For instance The accounting of the Payables invoices happens directly through AP based on the Account Rules defined in SLA.  These rules can take the project attributes into account.  Once these transactions are imported into Projects, the only additional accounting that would take place is if Burden cost is applied, and then if there are any adjustments done to the transaction, the Charge Account on the AP invoice will not get updated with the account that is actually accounted through SLA, this is a change from EBS as there is no 'Account Generator' type functionality in AP, and the View Accounting window is expected to be used for the user to verify the accounting impact.