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    Stephanie Gott
    Showing null values as "Blank"
    Topic posted November 2, 2018 by Stephanie GottSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Opportunity, Reporting and Analytics 
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    Showing null values as "Blank"
    How do I show null values with the word "Blank" or "NA" or something similar?


    In the Product Dimension for 'Product Name', we have some blanks due to poor process. We are trying to improve the process of always adding a product to an opportunity. To help us do that, we are using Analytics. I created a pivot table showing all of the opportunities we have open by Product Name. We have some that don't have a product so I want to show the word "Blank" or "NA". I'm using this case statement and it's not working. Any thoughts? 

    CASE WHEN "Product"."Product Name" is null THEN 'Blank' ELSE "Product"."Product Name" END






    • Fernando Paes

      Hi Stephanie,

      the syntax of the formula you are using is correct, which leads me to think that the real value of "Product"."Product Name" is not really null but maybe empty. Can you try the following?

      CASE WHEN "Product"."Product Name" = '' THEN 'Blank' ELSE "Product"."Product Name" END

      If that still does not work, can you check any of the products with empty values to see if there are any spaces? if so, you can just use one of the above and add a space within the quotes.

      Hope it helps.

    • Stephanie Gott


      This was helpful but it still doesn't work. I wonder if it's a way that Oracle has the value set up behind the scenes? Thanks for trying anyway.