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    Pramod Dhiman
    Maintenance Calendar for 24 X 7 is throwing error ZMM-495085
    Topic posted November 16, 2019 by Pramod DhimanGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Public Sector 
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    Maintenance Calendar for 24 X 7 is throwing error ZMM-495085
    Maintenance Calendar for 24 X 7 is throwing error ZMM-495085

    i need to create a maintenance calendar for 24 X 7.

    i started with "create time shift" option.

    Shift start time is 8:00 AM and duration 8 hrs.

    i am giving Flexible shift start time 8 am duration 8 hrs, flexible shift end time 12 am duration  8 hrs.

    But still i am getting error message  

    The start time of the first shift detail must be equal to the start time of the shift. (ZMM-495085)

    I find no description on oracle support portal for ZMM-495085




    • Jennifer Allen

      Hi Pramod-

      This does not sound familiar but I haven't worked with calendars recently. 

      You would be best served logging a SR through Support.  If it is a bug - that's how Development will get notified and address accordingly. 

      My only other suggestion would be to check with Manufacturing (documentation/support), as we leverage the same objects.


    • William Brand

      Hi Pramod,

      My team owns the schedule objects. I'm not familiar with the specifics of that error, but I can say that we do not presently support the use of the Flexible sub-type of Time shifts for Maintenance.  Because work definitions are planned out in detail to the minute, the decision a few years back was to restrict the use of only Punch and regular Time Shifts.  The idea of a flexible start or end time for a resource wasn't contemplated by the manufacturing team - who own the work definition.  We also do not support the use of Elapsed or Duration types.

      So if it's possible to model your shifts without using the Flexible sub-type, please do.  I believe you should not encounter any further errors.  If the flexible sub-type is something you believe you need, then I would recommend making this as an Idea in the ALM (Maintenance) lab and alerting me here.  Our team does not have a dedicated lab, and we'd need to coordinate with ALM and Manufacturing to consider the feasibility.

      Hope this helps explain matters,