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    Tip: Requisition Fund Status in IMT Flows upon receiving the...
    Topic posted July 14, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged Budget/Encumbrance, FAQ, Tip 
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    Tip: Requisition Fund Status in IMT Flows upon receiving the item
    Requisition Fund Status in IMT Flows upon receiving the item

    Customers / Support

    I have seen a reasonable number of questions around this tip which is why I wanted to provide a quick reminder of how Funds Status operates in the context of Internal Material Transfer (IMT) flows.

    Business Flow:

    The customers in this case wanted to know if there was a bug in the system where the Funds Status on the Requisition never changed to Liquidated from Reserved even after the goods were received. The context of this concern were IMT flows.


    My colleague Mara provided the clarification that I think is quite useful to know the next time this question arises in anyone's mind or if Support gets asked this question in SRs:


    In the internal material transfer flow you won't see the funds status change from Reserved to Liquidated in the requisition pages. 
    This is because Inventory is not supporting budgetary control at the moment. However, Cost Management handles budgetary control and encumbrance accounting processing of the expenditure after final delivery for requisition sourced transfer orders. 

    In the Budgetary Control workarea you should be able to see the budget impact with the report Review Budgetary Control Transactions. There should be an entry for the expenditure created by Costing, which will mean that the corresponding commitment in the requisition is released/liquidated.