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    Ram Anatharaman
    Oracle Fusion Expenses and One Login SSO
    Topic posted February 6, 2017 by Ram AnatharamanGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, last edited January 30, 2019, tagged Configuration, Expenses, Financials, Payables, Setup / Administration 
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    Oracle Fusion Expenses and One Login SSO
    Oracle Fusion Expenses and One Login SSO


    We implemented OneLogin as our SSO provider.  Currently in the process of enabling Single Sign On for Oracle.  The Web Interface works as expected.  However, we are having some challenges with the Oracle Fusion Expenses iPhone App.  There is a SSO url in the settings of the iPhone App.  What value should you put there?  If anyone has implemented OneLogin and Oracle Fusion Expenses(iPhone App) for Financial Clound, please share the sample URL.





    • Bill Taylor

      Ram, did you have any success with this? We are having the same issue. Thanks!

    • Ram Anatharaman

      Hi Bill

      Glad to hear from you through the Customer Connect.  

      No.  We went with Chooser Option in One Login and recommended our users to use the Fusion Mobile Expenses iPhone App by entering the Oracle Username & Password.  

      The same approach is done for SmartView/ADF Excel Templates etc. Also we have DUO as our two factor authentication solution.  

      Do you have Microsoft Active Directory?  If Yes, Oracle may have a solution for you.

      What is your Fusion Mobile Expenses iPhone App version?  Check the uploaded image.  It clearly says One Login is enabled.  :-) 

      Good Luck.





    • Lisa Webb

      Hi Ram,

      We also have OneLogin for our IdP and we're using Oracle Cloud Fusion along with the Oracle Fusion Expenses mobile app from the Apple App Store.  You will need to setup OneLogin in a manner where you can use the OneLogin Protect app for 2FA.  I don't those exact details at hand now.  After you do that, look for the app on the app store.  After you download and install the Oracle Fusion Expenses Mobile app, open it and you will see 3 boxes/tabs to choose the authentication type.  We chose the "SSO" option.  Enter your URL in this format:  https://<pod name>.fa.<datacenter> and then click Continue.  You should see Oracle's applications cloud sign in page.  Click on the "Sign In" link in the "Or use your company's Sign In" section. Hope this helps.