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    Jo Bates
    R13 - Issue with Invoice Approval Rules for Non-PO invoices
    Topic posted August 1, 2018 by Jo BatesBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, last edited January 30, 2019, tagged Financials, Payables, Update 
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    R13 - Issue with Invoice Approval Rules for Non-PO invoices
    Anyone else had issues with AP Invoice Approval Rules in R13?

    I'm interested to know if anyone else has experienced issues with the AP Invoice Approval rules after upgrading to R13 18A?

    The rules we have in R12, that work correctly and use job level hierarchy for approval of manually entered non-PO-matched are not working in R13 and it was returning an error FUN-720336


    The rules defined under rule set InvoiceApprovalRuleSet did not return any results (FUN-720336)

    Cause - Probable causes includes a participant does not have any active rules, no matching rule exists, the rule definition is incorrect, or none of the rules evaluates to true.

    It turned out that several attributes were changed in R13 and one was not migrated correctly which gave this error.

    The attributes are

    Invoice Distribution.reversalFlag (this one not migrated correctly)

    Invoice Distribution. cancellationFlag

    Invoice Distribution.Project Distribution Number

    The attribute was updated under guidance from MoS SR and the rule was recompiled.  Now the errors have stopped but ALL invoices are being auto-approved.

    Any thoughts would be welcome.





    • Becky Alvarez


      I have spoken with development regarding this issue.  Can you please log an SR and give me the SR number so I can have them log a bug.  Development has already committed to address the bug on a high priority basis.

      • Jo Bates

        Hi Becky,

        We have an SR raised for this - 3-17977677781 - any help you/development can provide will be welcomed.  This is a show-stopper issue for this client.



    • Becky Alvarez

      Thanks Jo.  I am working with support and the Development Manager to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible. 

      • Jo Bates

        Great, thanks Becky!

        • Binayak Mohanty

          Recently, we have been upgraded to R13 - 18B. After monthly patching is done, all of the invoice approval rules that are configured by me, are wiped out and updated with standard rule provided in Fusion. My team is working with Oracle support to get a fix for this issue. 

          So it seems to me that your invoice approval rule may have been wiped out if you have done any upgrade or patch is being applied to your enviroment. If that is the case, then you have to configure these rules again in production.


          Thanking You


      • Balakrishna Chaturvedula


        Could you let us know what the issue here was. If what Binayak mentioned below (Rules getting wiped out during 18B update) is true, it will be nightmare for us as we have close to 500 rules. Please let us know if there is an automated way of taking back ie import / export functionality of approval rules. 

        Thanks, Bala.

    • Logan Wacker

      Hi Bala:

      Take a look at the below MOS doc and see if this helps.

      Import Workflow Rules of One Environment to Other Environment When They Are on Different Release Versions (Doc ID 2427309.1)

    • Becky Alvarez


      The rules were not actually wiped out just not working due to and issue with some of the lesser used approval attributes.  The patches have already been released are in 18C and backported to 18B.  You should be OK thanks to Jo for reporting and struggling through this.

      • Balakrishna Chaturvedula

        Thanks Becky for your prompt response. 

      • Coleen Clemetson

        Hi Becky,

        Can you provide details on the patches?  I have two different clients with AP invoice approvals since the 18B update:

        One is live in PROD and all invoices submitted for approval result in an error.  There is an ongoing Sev1 SR for this and the recommended action plan was to recreate the rules because the existing rules were somehow corrupted.  There were only 2 rules, but even recreating them has not resolved the issue. 

        The other client is in the build stage of invoice approvals and I've had to open up SRs for each stage to get assistance in order to get the rules working.  Some of that has been due to deprecated attributes. 



    • Becky Alvarez

      It was fixed for 18C and ll it looks like it will backported for 18B customers and included in PB10 for those who are monthly patching maintenance.