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    Bruno Morgado
    Integration between Rightnow and Eloqua
    Topic posted February 25, 2019 by Bruno Morgado, tagged Connect PHP, Custom Process Models - CPMs, REST, SOAP 
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    Integration between Rightnow and Eloqua
    Integrating Rightnow with Eloqua without ICS

    I'm looking foward to integrate Rightnow with Eloqua but without using an integrator like an ICS.

    Wich ways out do I have?




    • Neil

      There would be a few questions about your use case that would determine everything about how you would achieve this, such as whether it needs to be 2 way real time or not. I would though consider building the integration from RightNow and consuming the Eloqua API ( All the necessary logic can be done in the custom directory and CPMs can be used to trigger real time communication from the RightNow side. You could then either regularly poll Eloqua (via cron job) for updates, or put something in Eloqua to call back to RightNow and trigger the integration. I've done similar integrations many times and it works well enough and doesn't require a third platform for the integration.