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    Becky Longstaff
    19D Mandatory feature- FINMAN05- PPR failing after after...
    Topic posted November 12, 2019 by Becky Longstaff, last edited November 12, 2019, tagged Expenses, Financials, Payables 
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    19D Mandatory feature- FINMAN05- PPR failing after after employee bank account changed
    Expenses employee bank account end dated and new one created. However, PPR fails as it does not pick up newly created active bank account.

    Mandatory feature included in release 19D

    FINMAN05-Update Payment Requests When Creating or Ending Employee Bank Account

    You can now automatically apply a payment request to a newly created bank account.

    However, when testing this feature the PPR fails with this error: 'The external bank account is inactive. Either the bank account or the assignment of the bank account to the payee is no longer active.


    These are the steps for testing:

    1. Create Expense Report for Employee and submit for approval
    2. Approve Expense Report
    3. Complete Audit of Expense Report
    4. Transfer Expense Report to AP
    5. Create new bank account for employee and make sure any others are inactivated
    6. Automatically apply the new bank account to the existing payment request- fails here when PPR submitted. Status= Failed document validation.
    7. Verify the existing payment request has been updated to the new bank account

    Has anyone had trouble with this new feature? If so, please could you share the steps to resolve the issue?

    Thank you,





    • Kondaiah Mandadi


      When you are making payment of an invoice, application will check whether the bank account attached to the invoice is active or not.  This validation is an existing functionality.

      Please provide steps followed in detail.

      Your step 5 is not clear.

      While you are creating the new bank account, the earlier bank account was active or inactive.  

      If you want the new bank account to be defaulted on the invoice, you need to create the new bank account first and then inactive the old bank account.