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    Filip Huysmans
    Chatbot: Working with versions in production
    Topic posted August 16, 2018 by Filip HuysmansRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Bots, Facebook 
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    Chatbot: Working with versions in production
    What is the advice way of working with chatbots in production?


    what is the best approach of working with bots in production?  Once the bot is put into production and linked with facebook messenger, how can we put in place a new version without disrupting the existing conversations?  

    Do we work directly in the production bot or do we have a second bot aside ?




    • Marcelo Jabali

      You should have a separate non-production setup (FB Page, FB App, Messenger setup and Bot) for testing your new features.

    • Filip Huysmans

      @Marcelo, thx for the feedback.

      I agree to have a non-production setup, but I was asking more about the way of putting a new version into production.

      Is this possible without a downtime and loss of running sessions?




    • Marcelo Jabali

      You should be able to do this with very minimal disruption if any at all. Good luck.