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    Chris Peate
    R13 - AP Invoice Approval Rules - How to test certain holds...
    Topic posted July 30, 2018 by Chris Peate, last edited January 30, 2019, tagged Financials, Payables 
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    R13 - AP Invoice Approval Rules - How to test certain holds NOT applied
    I need to create an AutoApproval rule that tests for a matched invoice and that 4 different holds have NOT applied

    I am struggling to write an AP Invoice Approval rule that  tests for no data;


    Invoice Line is matched (Invoice Line.Match Type is 'ITEM_TO_PO') AND relates to an ITEM (Invoice Line.Line Type Lookup Code is 'ITEM')  


    Invoice Holds.Hold LookupC ode [Note this is not a typo but as defined in BPM task configuration]  is NOT set to 'PRICE' or 'LINE VARIANCE' or 'QTY REC' or 'QTY ORD'


    I have tried both the following tests

    (Invoice Holds.Hold LookupC ode isnt 'PRICE'  AND Invoice Holds.Hold LookupC ode isnt 'LINE VARIANCE etc')


    INOT(Invoice Holds.Hold LookupC ode is 'PRICE' OR Invoice Holds.Hold LookupC ode is 'LINE VARIANCE' etc')


    I have even tried 

    Invoice Holds.Hold LookupC ode is null as I know that there are no holds for this invoice


    In all cases the rule fails to be evaluated


    Can anyone suggest a valid BPM / AMX test for no data in a table?







    • Becky Alvarez

      Support should be able to help you with this if you have not been able to resolve it by now.  So I recommend that you log an SR and see if they can help you with this.