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    Klyff Toledo
    Oracle Object Storage with S3 API
    Topic posted June 4, 2018 by Klyff Toledo, last edited June 4, 2018 
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    Oracle Object Storage with S3 API
    Oracle Object Storage with S3 API


    I'm migrating from AWS to Oracle Cloud IaaS.

    So, I have 40TB of Object in AWS S3,

    One condition to deal migration are the compatibility of Oracle Cloud Object Storage with Basic S3 API....

    But... all documentations I've found sounds to be outdated, 'couse the links/paths/menus does not exists at my Oracle Cloud Admin Dashboard

    For exemple: I Cant get found the follow links/paths described at Oracle documentation: 

    Someone can help me to use S3 API At Oracle Cloud Classic Object Storage?

    Thanks a lot!



    • Evandro Lima
    • Richard Garsthagen

      Hi Klyff,

      Are you aware there are 2 Object Storage Clouds within the Oracle Cloud?

      - Storage Classic - Hosted out of single datacenters.
      - Storage (OCI) - Distributed service (based on the new generation of the Oracle Cloud Platform)

      Both have S3 Compatibility!

      For Storage (OCI):

      For Storage Classic:

      I would recommend using the Storage on OCI, this is the newer generation of the Oracle Cloud. In both cases you should be able to use your account to access them,. unless you have an older account that is only tied to classic services. In that case, ask your sales rep to help you migrate your account.

      Hope this help.