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    Evan Bass
    Product Availability Screen or Report
    Topic posted September 12, 2019 by Evan Bass, tagged Supply Chain Orchestration 
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    Product Availability Screen or Report
    Looking to better understand if there is an out of box Product Availability Screen or Report


    I am new to Oracle and looking for some guidance as we evaluate the software.

    Looking for the best way to view product availability outside of a transaction as our inside sales agents handle a lot of informal product/item requests related to availability and specs. Are there any out of box 'inquiries', whether a screen, advanced find, report, etc that show # on hand, # committed, # available (OHB - comm), # on back order, # on PO (or req) by location?

    One that I have seen a little in training is 'Review Supply Availability' but cannot find much info on or better screenshots.

    any help or guidance would be much appreciated!