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    Ramesh Nakka
    How to run and schedule complex dashboards( around 90...
    Topic posted February 15, 2016 by Ramesh NakkaBronze Crown: 15,000+ Points, tagged Analyses, Customizing Layout, Customizing Reports, Fusion, OBI Answers, Report Delivery, Report Layouts, Report Output, Reports, Setup, Taleo Enterprise, Upgrades 
    How to run and schedule complex dashboards( around 90 columns)
    How to run and schedule complex dashboards( around 90 columns)

    We have a complex report in Business Object(BO). we have converted it OBI Dasboard as part of migration

    BO scheduled in infoview portal/Folder( not via mail)
    1 which has aound 90 columns
    2.has 80 MB size ( BO size : Excel 2003)
    3.current data of FY16 (9/1/2015 to till date) 6 months data
    4.were able to break it down by 5 instances

    We wanted to replicate the above behaviour in OBI and struggling.

    With excel 2007 there is drastic change in size of file.
    40 MB size file( Excel 2003) in B0 is equivalent to <2MB size in OBI( Excel 2007). So initial we thought we can schedule this huge dashboards via mail.
    but ended up with the following issues.

    1. We are not able to run the live dashboard in OBI for the same prompts
    2.Live dashboard is continues to run for a long time without throwing any time out error.So that we are not able to find the break up 
    and also not able to find what is the maximum capsisty of that dashboard?
    3.Maximum capsisty of dashboard we found is 10 days. this is very strange not expected at all.
    we would need to create 36 agents for year. maintaining 36 agents for a single dashboard is huge task.
    4. We are not able to schedule this dashboard as we have no idea how to break down this report.

    This wierb behaviour with OBI
    ----> Why there is no time out error for dashboard if it not able to retrieve the data?
    --->is this beacuse of increased numbe of columns?
    ---->Is this because of increased number cells?
    ---> is this beacuse of View limitation?

    Can you please help us if any one come across the same situation.
    Also tried the briefing is even worse 
    when we add comlex dashboards to breifing book, screen is getting hanged.

    Can you please help us how can we schedule complex dashbaords?