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    Federico Samyn Dowie
    VBAFE-00105 error in Visual Builder Excel Add-In when using...
    Topic posted June 20, 2019 by Federico Samyn DowieBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged REST, SaaS Integration, Services 
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    VBAFE-00105 error in Visual Builder Excel Add-In when using Common APIs in Oracle Apps Cloud
    Getting an error when using REST APIs for Common Features in Oracle Applications Cloud


    I'm trying to use Visual Builder Add-In for Oracle ERP Cloud 19b to retrieve user Roles but I'm getting the following error:

    "The operation failed due to missing or incomplete data in the response returned from the server. Contact the system administrator. (VBAFE-00105)"

    I am able to call REST APIs for other areas (financials, scm) but not the Common Features. Here's the metadata API I'm using for the Roles API (the one I'm getting an error) which according to this link is the end point for retrieving all roles :


     And below is one example of an API that I'm able to successfully call:


    Any ideas why I'm struggling with the first API?







    • Shay Shmeltzer

      Are you able to invoke that end point from outside of VB? (Postman for example)

      When you look at the network traffic monitor in the browser's dev tools - is there a more clear error returned from the service?

    • Alex Davis

      Please click the Details button in the error dialog and share the details found there.

    • Alex Davis

      I looked up this API:

      It looks like it has a different payload format when compared to the other FA REST API. So, it is probably not supported in the current version of the add-in. Hence, the "missing data" error message.

      Would you like to see support for this API in a future release?

      • Federico Samyn Dowie

        yes, please. Thanks!


        • Alex Davis

          So, it looks like you are interested in "users" and "roles" from the "scim" API, right? Any others?

          What kind of operations would you like to do from Excel?

          Can you give an overall sense of priority for scim support in the Excel add-in?

          • Federico Samyn Dowie

            From a Security and Controls stand point, having the ability to pull data from Users, Roles Assignments and Roles Privileges and manipulate it in Excel would be ideal. Mostly because of the way we need to analyze and present the information (pivot tables) showing what users can /can't access to.

            There's a need to maintain and control this to avoid access violations, but without a mostly live access that a solution like Visual Builder in Excel, a manual work is needed for every change in user assignments (on boarding, termination, etc).

            Extracting this information (GET) has a higher priority than submitting changes back to Oracle, which shouldn't happen very often.



    • Federico Samyn Dowie

      Thanks everyone for your replies. 

      It seems Postman can handle it. If the issue is within the Add-In then I'd definitely like to see support for this API, just like Alex mentioned. We're revisiting our Roles and Visual Builder for Excel can definitely be a great tool for this type of analysis. Looking forward for future updates.