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    Sara Knetzger
    Using OKTA with OSvC
    Topic posted July 14, 2016 by Sara KnetzgerBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points 
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    Using OKTA with OSvC

    Hi Everyone, 

    Our User Account Admin team is setting up OKTA 

    to utilize the SSO for our users applications.  They are trying to determine if we can use one of the out of the box set up options, but they are not sure which one to use. 

    Is anyone else using OKTA, if so, were you able to use one of the out of the box set ups, or did you have to custom build something?  There is an option in the OKTA catalog for RightNow, but it has the old logo/company name so I’m not sure if this is the right one to choose, or if it may be out of date. 

    Any help/direction that you can give is greatly appreciated!!


    We have two sites (soon to be three) and we are currently on the February 2016 version for all sites



    • Narendra Muttineni

      What is meant by OKTA ?

    • Sara Knetzger

      Hi Narendra, 


      I'm sorry, OKTA is a third party company that offers an SSO solution for multiple applications.  Our user account admin team is using this product to set up SSO for the majority of our applications.  Basically, when a user logs in to their desktop/laptop, instead of opening each application individually and entering in the username/password for each application, they would log in to OKTA and just click on each application and then be signed in automatically via SSO.  


      We have a very large number of users on Oracle Service Cloud, so they are trying to get that set up as part of the OKTA SSO dashboard as soon as possible.  


    • Dietrik

      The SAML SSO is probably supported by OKTA. I'd start by trying the "old" setup

      Do you have access to this faq about SAML ?

    • Sara Knetzger

      Thanks Dietrik, I'll ask them to start with the old setup and see where they go from there.  I do have the SAML documentation from the support KB and I've sent that over to them already.  Thank you very much for suggesting that!! smiley

      Hopefully the old setup will work and if it doesn't then I'm guessing that OKTA will update it so that it will be available for other customers.  I'll follow-up on this post as I get more info from OKTA.

      Thanks again!!smiley


    • Ben Seidler

      Did you have any luck with the out of the box (RightNow CX template) OKTA setup? 

      I had the provisioning part working not too long ago, but I have not been able to get okta actually log the user into the OSvC application yet.  I was hoping to not have to go down the SAML path if I could just get it to log the user in.



    • Alex Regan

      Hi Sara,

      Not to put the paddles on a dead thread to resurrect it, but ... I'm also using Okta. Were you ever able to get OSvC working? Did you just use the plain-jane SAML 2.0 or was there an app in the Okta locker. I'm just at my wits end and not getting much support with Oracle.

    • Sara Knetzger

      Hi Alex and Ben,


      I'm so sorry for not following up on this.  We have gotten OKTA to work now!!  In our case, we had to make some adjustments to the security settings in IE.  We also had to build the SAML certificate and we were not able to use the existing OKTA setup - we had to build a new one.  One of our IT project managers worked with OKTA to build that set up.  So it's definitely possible - it just requires a new setup from OKTA and definitely you'll need the SAML Cert - our IT project manager built that for me as well, but I think that there are free online tools out there that will help you build the cert. 



    • Jake Wood

      Hi Sara,

      What security settings did you have to change in IE?