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    Best Practices: Superuser Catalog Access to all items
    Topic posted April 3, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged How-To, Setup 
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    Best Practices: Superuser Catalog Access to all items
    Best practices tip for superuser access to all items

    Customers / Support

    I wanted to write this article as an attempt to clarify some concepts in configuring Catalogs and providing users access to Catalogs.

    Customer Issue Reported:

    This customer provided the following problem statement:

    When opening the shopping home page, an error is thrown (See image attached).

    Root cause analysis:

    Development triaged this from first principles, i.e. Review the Content Zone and Catalog setup. On further detailed review, it was revealed that this specific user was a 'superuser' to whom the buying organization wanted to grant access to all items across all catalogs.

    So how did they go about doing this: They provided access to individual catalogs that were created the sum total of which would give access to all items (this amounted to around 30 or more). This was the root cause.


    The best practice guidance around this is to create one catalog that provides access to all items. This is the right way of granting access to a superuser kind of role.

    Once this was done, the user was able to access all the items he/she wanted to and the shopping home page was bereft of issues.

    So, this seems simple you say. Yes, but sometimes there are efficient and not so efficient ways of configuring the system that could lead to such performance or critical errors. It is important to review how you are configuring these applications to help serve you better.

    I am hoping this serves as a configuration guidance for any customers who have implemented Self Service Procurement to take a look at their own configurations and ensure adoption of these best practices.