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    jagadeesh gattupalli
    Mails are not triggering from BUI
    Topic posted September 16, 2019 by jagadeesh gattupalliBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Browser UI 
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    Mails are not triggering from BUI
    Mails are not going to Primary contact from BUI

    HI ,

    Every time I edit as an agent incident in BUI and send customer response though mail. Mail not generating and sent to Customer whereas the same thing works well in Agent  Console ( with same agent login). 

    Where I am missing? Is it Configuration setting or lack of Permissions





    • Dev Aditya

      Hi Jagadeesh,

      Are you getting any error message while sending the mail from BUI? If yes, please attache the screenshot of error message.

      If not, then there are two possibilities:

      1. BUI does not have 'Send on Save' feature. So, simple save on BUI won't trigger the mail. You will have to explicitly click on send button on the ribbon.

      2. Default channel for workspace used n BUI will not have 'Email' selected. However, in this case also, you will get error message