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    Deployments Uploaded via cart stuck in APPROVED status
    Topic posted April 11, 2017 by Jdziurlaj , last edited April 12, 2017 
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    Deployments Uploaded via cart stuck in APPROVED status
    Deployments Uploaded via cart stuck in APPROVED status

    I am attempting to move some tables over to our Exadata Express environment from on prem. I am using SQL Developer to do so. I am able to upload my cart successfully. However, when I view the status via the Cloud Connections -> Deployments -> Deployment Name the status remains in APPROVED status. We have been waiting over eight hours, which is far more than what we have had to in the past using Schema as a Service. Checking the schema shows no tables have been moved. Any ideas?



    • Todd Bottger

      To access Exadata Express from SQL Developer, you need to be on v4.1.5 or higher and create a standard Connection. Make sure to specify Cloud PDB in the New Connection dialog under the Connection Type dropdown.

      Note the appropriate SQL Developer install (v4.1.5 or higher) is directly linked to in the Download Tools dialog in Exadata Express service console.

      Also, as an FYI, Cloud Connection is only for use with Schema Service. It will not work with Exadata Express. This is renamed in later versions of SQL Developer to Database Schema Service Connections for improved clarity.