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    Charlie Mopps
    Forwarded incidents updating existing incidents instead of...
    Topic posted August 1, 2018 by Charlie MoppsGold Medal: 3,500+ Points 
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    Forwarded incidents updating existing incidents instead of creating new incidents

    We upgraded to 18A recently, and since then we've been having a strange problem. 

    If we've a ticket open with one department, lets call them: DeptA and they have an incident with the mailbox:

    Things get completed by that department, and the incident is closed. But the customer continues to send the email around, forward it, etc... eventually they need different help from a different department... lets call them DeptB with a mailbox of

    Prior to our upgrade, when they forwarded the old incident into this different mailbox, it would create a new incident. 

    But after the upgrade. OSvC will update the original incident. It wont create a new one... even if we delete the subject line. 

    It would be different if it at least let the customer know what was going on, but it doesn't. It's very confusing for all involved, we're loosing work requests all over the place simply because somewhere in an email, 5 pages down, it mentions some other incident. 

    Does anyone know of a way to fix this? Stop it? This is especially frustrating for our admin department... because one of the primary ways we get reports of issues is when other departments forward in an existing ticket like this to show us what went wrong. But they never get a reply and don't understand why it didn't go anywhere. 




    • Carl Elliott

      Take a look at this answer:  Techmail message filters explained

      There were changes made in 17D that is likely the reason. You may want to adjust some of your EGW settings.  

    • Charlie Mopps

      Thanks. I'd read that answer, and had gone through all of the EGW settings but none of them seem to match what we're experiencing. Most of those settings describe when the application would discard an email for various reasons. Ours aren't getting discarded, they're updating the original incident. We do not get the rejected mail in our reject mailbox. 

      Do you know if there is any documentation on what changed about techmail in the release? 

    • Carl Elliott

      I was referring to this section.  In August 2017 and earlier:  If EGW_SECURE_UPDATE_ENABLED is set to Yes and the From address of the message does not match the email address of the contact record associated to the incident, the message will be filtered.

      *Note: If EGW_UPDATE_BY_CREATE is enabled in conjunction with EGW_SECURE_UPDATE_ENABLED, the incoming email that does not match the email address associated to the incident will not be blocked completely, but it will create a separate incident.

      I would assume you had these settings and it would create a new incident when it came from a different email.  

      Now you have these settings, what is EGW_SECURE_UPDATE_MODE set to now?  Is it 1, that would be your issue.  Try changing it to 2.  

      Beginning in 17D: The EGW_SECURE_UPDATE_ENABLED configuration setting as been renamed to EGW_SECURE_UPDATE_MODE.  This setting determines the level of security applied when updating an incident by email.

      Supported values are:
      0 - Updating an incident by email is allowed from any email address based on reference number match only. IMPORTANT! SETTING THIS VALUE TO 0 MAY IMPACT SECURITY OR PRIVACY CONCERNS FOR YOUR SITE.

      1 - Updating an incident by email is allowed from any email address only if the originating message includes a tracking string indicating a match to the site and incident in question. If value is set to 1, an incident can also be updated by the contact as in 2.

      2 - Updating an incident by email is allowed only when the Reply-to or From address of the email message is listed in the contact record associated with the incident (that is, the primary or alternate email addresses).

      Default is 2.
    • Charlie Mopps

      Unfortunately no, we've always allowed updating from any email address. 

      What seems to be different is the application is now ignoring the TO: address in the email. If the email has any incident reference number, anywhere in the body it will update that incident rather than creating a new one. Even if I delete the subject line, it searches through the body, finds the original reference number and updates it. Previously it would only update the original incident if the reference number was in the subject line and the email addresses matched. If the TO: address doesn't match the incident.mailbox field on the original incident, I want it to create a new incident. From my perspective it was sent to a different team entirely, it should create a new incident, not update the old one. 

      Maybe EGW_REPLY_REGEX would help? But there's literally no documentation on that setting at all. 

    • Carl Elliott

      I have not used the EGW_REPLY_REGEX,  it looks like it is to filter part of the message thread so it doesn't include all the responses.  I guess if you could configure it to look for the original incident reference it might be able to pull it out.  My understanding is there is a tag that is added to the email so the system knows it is a previous incident.    

    • Charlie Mopps

      I started digging through mail headers and such and now I'm not so sure of what's going on. I'm going to try and find some more detailed info on how these new settings work and see if I can better understand it. Thanks for the help!