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    Médéric Chauvin
    FBDI : How to create and confirm shipment
    Topic posted February 11, 2019 by Médéric ChauvinRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Inventory Cloud, SCM 
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    FBDI : How to create and confirm shipment
    Looking for FBDI template to ship-confirm automatically

    I'm working on Oracle Fusion Cloud products and particulary Inventory module

    In 'inventory management' -> 'manage shipment lines', I want to automate following steps :

    - i search an order by his number and i want to do action 'autocreate shipment', i know order number and serial number to be shipped
    - do action 'confirm shipment'

    I can retrieve Soap Api to do this, but does exist FBDI template to do this ?

    Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud 19A



    • Lynn Warneka

      We don't have an FBDI template to Ship Confirm for shipment lines that are picked and managed in Inventory Management Cloud.   If, however, you are using Oracle Warehouse Management or any WMS solution and managing picking in those applications, there is an FBDI for that,