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    Need for a report/tool for the system to show items that the...
    Idea posted April 9, 2018 by Eric VanAukenBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited April 18, 2018, tagged Advanced Learning, Assessments/Surveys, Assignments/Gradebook, Categories, Communications, Control Center, Courses/Classes, Dynamic Objects/Group Filters, eCommerce, Enrollments, External Training, ILT, Learning, Learning Object Manager, Prerequisites, Public Sector, Release Communications, Reporting, Resource Manager, Social, Sub Learning Centers, Users, VILT, Workflows 
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    Need for a report/tool for the system to show items that the system times out
    There are many things that the system times out on and leaves things hanging. We need a report to the Admins that shows what times out daily and what was left hanging
    Use Case and Business Need:

    There are many times in our system that we have people who have completed a learning plan not get credit for it, or people put into a job profile not being pushed to the learning plan, or people who have completed a course and they do not get credit for it.    I believe that there is a ton of timeout issues in the databases that they put in there to keep things moving but it sometimes screws up the data.   The problem is that you do not see it until you stumble across a person with a problem.   

    The first thing I would like is for Oracle to fix the problem,   However I also think that we should have an error report daily sent to the administrators to tell them when something has timed out and what it impacted..  Thus it give the administrator a heads up and lets them address it before it gets too far.



    • Steven Lema

      I wished I could say we didn't had this problem, but today I found a learner completing an eLearning and not completing the learning plan...

    • Eric VanAuken

      This is a very very very common problem that most people do not know about.   Its a dirty little secret and you will only find it by stumbling across it.

      • Daniel Klinger

        Eric will your IT folk allow you to extend the timeout limit of your LC?
        You do have control via your control panel and can cut down on some of those concerns.

        SCOs can also be set to keep the LC alive if a session is open with it.
        There are certain downsides to risks go up...

    • Eric VanAuken

      Hi Daniel,  Yes I have tried that but it does not seem to make a difference on the items that time out.  It is the back end processes that time out not the full learn center unfortunately.