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    Matt Treml
    Rules and Attribute Hierarchies
    Topic posted October 8, 2019 by Matt TremlSilver Trophy: 7,500+ Points, tagged Rules 
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    Rules and Attribute Hierarchies

    It appears their is no way to use the attribute hierarchies within a rule if you want all members under a parent to be considered. From what I can tell you need to manually select each level 0 attribute member and assign in the rule. I'm assuming others are using attribute hierarchies to help drive allocations filters. What tips do you have on maintenance of rules that use them?



    • Evan Leffler

      Here is the response I gave over in the Idea Lab for reference:

      Matt, this functionality already exists. Just change your selection from the following

      <<Attribute Dim Name>> = <<Attribute Dim Member>>

      to instead read 

      <<Attribute Dim Name>> IN <<Attribute Dim Member Hierarchy>>

      this will select any member under that hierarchy

    • Don Bean

      Deleted the comment you flagged for best answer - try again.