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    Sam Napoli
    Outside Processing Error in Supply Chain OrchestrationAnswered
    Topic posted August 22, 2018 by Sam NapoliBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, last edited August 22, 2018, tagged Production Execution, Work Execution 
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    Outside Processing Error in Supply Chain Orchestration
    When I release Work Order, Supply Chain Orchestration can't determine the charge account

    I set up Outside Processing as per the whitepaper "Using Outside Processing in Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud". I created a Mapping Set called Outside Processing. Short Name XX_OUTSIDE_PROCESSING. See image attached.

    When I release the work order, I check Supply Chain Orchestration and get error "The charge account cannot be generated. The transaction account definition was unable to derive a valid account due to an error. Contact your help desk. Contact your Procurement application administrator.The attribute Charge Account is required." See attached. What setup am I missing? 




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    Ashish Pachauri

    Yes Sam. Mapping set name is "Work Order" and it is pre-existing mapping set. You just have to add charge account to this mapping set.