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    Kim Puls
    How to validate/review F&A on projects
    Topic posted July 24, 2019 by Kim PulsSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Grants Management, Project Costing, Project Management 
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    How to validate/review F&A on projects

    At UW we need to be able to see F&A as it is associated to each individual transaction. I know that you can go to PFM > Costs > Manage Cost and look at each transaction to "View Burden Cost details". However my end-users want to be able to put together the F&F charge to the raw cost when they export the manage costs to excel. Currently, once the data is exported it is very difficult to link the raw charge and the F&A associated.





    • Julie Bullock

      Hi Kim!

      When burden is created as a separate line item, it won't create a separate line for each expenditure and to my knowledge there is no report that shows the detail and how the total F&A generated ties to which expenditures.  It is a little easier if burden is run at least daily, but again, if there are expenditures not included in the burden structure you would have to know that when reconciling.  I usually recommend that burden be generated at least daily.

      If burden is on the same line, then you do get the burden amount tied to the raw cost. However, budget checking is done at the expenditure type on the raw cost for the raw + burden amount.  So for instance if the transaction was Supplies for $100 and F&A is 25%, the budget check to supplies is for the $125, not just the $100.

      Julie Bullock

      • Kim Puls


        The functional lead has this scheduled to run every 4 hours. However she asked the following:

        "Burden runs every 4 hours.  The issue is the “date” of the burden.  What date does the system use when burden is run?  The current date?  EI date?"

        I would assume the date is the run/created date and not the EI date...please advise.

        Thanks - Kim

    • Julie Bullock

      Kim -

      Oracle Projects creates the burden transactions by summarizing the burden cost components by project, lowest task, expenditure organization, expenditure classification, supplier, PA period, and burden cost code. (PA Period is just there, because some commercial organizations have weekly PA periods, so in that case it would work a little different)

      The expenditure item date of the new summary burden transactions matches the latest expenditure item date of the expenditures being burdened.

      So it is never going to use system date.  If several transactions meet the same summarization criteria as listed above, and they have 3 different dates, the burden line created will have the latest expenditure item date on it.  So 3 costs with same project, task, organization have the following dates 8/15, 8/16 and 8/17, the burden created will have 8/17 as the expenditure item date.